Post: The Strategic Guide to Mass Tort Marketing 2024

The Strategic Guide to Mass Tort Marketing 2024

The Strategic Guide to Mass Tort Marketing 2024

Attorneys are attracted to mass tort cases. You can take on several versions of the same case, which allows you to focus on a specific type of client. Mass tort marketing may not be as straightforward as it seems.

If you want to build a firm around these types of cases, you have to compete with some of the most recognizable names in the business.

The fact that most lawyers and their marketing departments focus more on the tactical aspects of marketing than the strategic ones is a problem. Marketing is done randomly, such as signing up for lead-generation services or putting up mass tort ads without knowing why. This leads to poor results.

You don’t have to live that way.

A strategic marketing approach will help you create stronger campaigns. You will be able to outpace your competition and win more business. It would help if you planned more than the tactical marketers.

Let’s start with our guide to market your mass torts firm successfully..

You can win if you approach the market with a winning attitude.

This statement is your definition of winning for your law firm. This statement defines what winning means for your firm. This statement gives you a guideline against which to measure your success.

Two things must be clear in your winning aspiration:

  1. You must choose the specific market that you want to dominate.
  2. You’ll be able to win the market in a unique way.

You must first understand the market to create a winning strategy for your business.

It is important to think about your company from your client’s point of view rather than just focusing on your services. Consider the issues they are facing and the solutions you can provide.

You can build a solid foundation for your complete marketing strategy using this thinking.

A winning goal for a law firm specializing in mass torts would be to “be the first choice of anyone nationwide who wants a chance to take on a drug company that is faulty.” This law firm can market the fact that it has attorneys on its staff who were once on the side of the defendant, thereby levelling the playing field for injured people.

Understanding the people you want to reach with market research

A winning aspiration will show you how you can win. It doesn’t give you all the information you need about your target audience. Market research can provide you with this information.

Market research can provide you with an abundance of information about your ideal customers.

It is important to understand their psychographic, demographic and geographic makeup. You’ll learn who they are and what they feel and think. You will also learn how well-aware your market is about your company. This makes it easier to target people and communicate your message.

Qualitative Vs. Quantitative: Market Research For Lawyers




Delves into understanding underlying motivations and opinions using tools like interviews and open-ended surveys.

Collects numerical data to analyze patterns and trends through structured methods such as mass surveys and statistical analyses.

Provides richer, deeper insights and is particularly useful for exploring new or less-charted territories.

Offers a broader view, backed by measurable data, and is ideal for deriving results that can be extrapolated to a larger population.

Market research can take two forms.

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research

Both forms are useful for a firm that specializes in mass torts.

Quantitative market research is data collection using online surveys and other methods.

Qualitative research can show you trends from hundreds to thousands of people. Quantitative research is expensive and hard to do because it targets many people.

Qualitative research is more likely to involve one-on-one interviews or focus groups.

With this type of research, you can dig deep into how people feel and think. In-depth interviews can provide rich insight into your audience’s issues and how they describe those problems. Qualitative research costs less than quantitative research but doesn’t give you enough data to make statistical conclusions.

Many law firms begin with qualitative research and add quantitative research later.

Attorneys specializing in mass torts are at an advantage that other attorneys don’t. You have a lot in common with your clients. Your clients have all had a common experience.

This will make identifying and reaching people for your quantitative research easier.

Because you know them, contacting them for focus groups and mass surveys will be easier than in other practice areas.

Select Your Target Audience: Classical Targeting Vs. Mass Marketing

Classical Targeting

Mass Marketing

Concentrates on reaching a specific segment of the market, utilizing criteria like demographics and consumer behavior for precision.

Involves broadcasting a generalized marketing message to a broad audience without segmentation.

Enables tailored marketing strategies, ideal for engaging with niche audiences and creating highly relevant messages.

Aids in building widespread brand awareness and is effective for products or services with universal appeal.

You can start by identifying your target audience and then consider the best way to reach them.

First, you must choose the best mix between mass and classical targeting. It’s not about choosing your marketing tactics or channels. It’s all about balancing the two types of targets:

  • Classical Targeting
  • Mass Targeting

The classic targeting method involves putting your message in front of a small group of potential clients.

This is done by using data from your research, such as geographical, to narrow down a portion of your total market. Classic targeting is needed by new firms who are just getting started in the fight against mass torts. You can select a small group of people you want to help and then concentrate on getting your message directly in front of these individuals.

It is not targeted at all.

Brand awareness is the key to mass targeting. You want to reach as many people as possible, hoping they will remember your name if they ever need your assistance.

Both forms of targeting will benefit mass tort firms, but it is important to balance them.

Start with a classic targeting approach to gain a foothold in a particular market segment. This can be done by running digital ads in a specific geographic area. You can also add mass-targeting ads outside this area to help you build brand recognition before expanding.

Consider the Four Ps of Marketing

The 4Ps of Marketing are based on knowing your audience and positioning yourself to them. The 4Ps of marketing are:
  1. Product
  2. Promotion
  3. Price
  4. Placement
This old-fashioned marketing concept will help you define how marketing can make your company successful. This step lets you fine-tune your message, choose the most effective promotion tactics, and price your services accordingly. It also helps you create the best experience for your customers.

1. Defining your “Product”

Some lawyers do not consider themselves to be selling a “product,” but “service” is the same as “product.” It is important to consider the words you use when describing your product. Your service offering may be clear, but it won’t mean much to your prospective clients if you don’t use clear language. Your clients wouldn’t call their case “mass tort litigation.” They will know terms associated with their case, such as “Zantac attorney” or “Zantac lawsuit.” Knowing what terms they use, you can tailor your message and product description to them.

2. Choose Your “Promotional” Tactics 

The most important part of your marketing strategy is promotion. You will choose which marketing channels you want to use for your law firm to reach your target audience. Many lawyers begin here before deciding on the best promotion channels and tactics. The lawyers start by marketing without knowing who they are trying to reach or what they should say. They get poor results. You can avoid making the same mistake by following the steps above. You can choose from different types of marketing channels. The most popular ones are listed below:
  • Search engine optimization drives content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google PPC advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail marketing
  • TV Advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Billboards
Investing in all channels and tactics is unnecessary to increase the number of mass tort cases. The best lawyers select a combination that will give them the greatest chance of impacting their target clients. Each channel has its strengths and weaknesses: You don’t need to pay per click to create content that ranks on Google. It will attract the attention of those actively looking for help. It takes some time to rank on Google. Google PPC offers an immediate return on investment since you are paying to place your ad before your target audience. You have to pay for each click, and ads for mass tort keywords are costly. You can precisely target your social media ads, but it still costs money. Mixing and matching allows you to get the best out of each. You can get instant results by starting with Google ads while creating mass torts SEO in the background. You can reduce your PPC spend as the SEO content begins to rank. Add social ads to build awareness among people who haven’t yet searched for solutions.

3. “Prices”: Think Ahead about the way you charge for services

Many mass tort lawyers are paid on a contingent fee basis. They do not tend to promote themselves based on their price. Most of them do not talk about price at all. It’s unnecessary to have pricing at the forefront, but that shouldn’t prevent you from having one. Most lawyers do not think about price at all. They follow their gut or base their fees on follow-the-leader pricing. They limit their potential profits by not considering their service’s ethical and optimal price. If you are stuck on pricing but don’t know where to begin, there is a way out. You can find the best price using tools like The Van Westendorp Price Meter. You can ask your target audience to fill out surveys and tell you when they think prices are too high or too low to work with you. You can then plot the results on a chart to determine a price range that people feel most comfortable with.

4. “Placement”: Creating a client experience that gives back

Most service businesses, like lawyers, don’t give much thought to placement. In the world of products, it’s much more obvious where things are placed on store shelves. Mass tort lawyers make mistakes if they ignore this part of the 4Ps. Client experience is the key to placement in the legal sector. Your marketing efforts are supported by ensuring your clients have the best possible experience. It starts even before someone becomes a customer. If you nail this step, you will get new leads from word-of-mouth and social proof through testimonials. You should be able to get clients to rave about your easy working style and how you support them throughout the process. Make it simple for clients to reach your first intake consultation. Continue to provide a great experience even after your client signs your contract. You can ask your clients to write reviews or sit for an advertisement or case study.

Develop an Enabling System to Support Your Marketing

Lawyers who specialize in mass torts deal with large groups of people. This requires a specific skill set. You must juggle the particular facts about their experience and ensure they fit in with the overall case.

If you want to be successful in your marketing, you need a management system that will enable you.

An important tool is a management system that enables you to achieve your goals. It can be used with your marketing activities (and even some of your operational activities). To succeed in the market, every law firm must rely on its unique capabilities and management system. They are exclusive to your firm and you, which gives you a competitive edge.

There are three different types of enabling systems:

  1. Systems that encourage asymmetrical resource investment
  2. Systems that allow for distributed decision-making and associated responsibilities
  3. Data collection and tracking systems that use different methods.

Consider the three types of management systems by optimizing your intake process.

Asymmetric investment in resources in intake could be investing in people, processes and automation over what others would do. You want the shortest queue time possible so potential clients don’t hang up.

The intake specialists would have more choices if given the authority to make decisions.

You can increase revenue by letting them send as many non-qualified leads to your partners as quickly as possible. In addition, your intake specialists will be able to collect data in real-time about how and why the non-qualified leads reached them. This data is sent directly to marketing to improve their targeting of the right leads.

One different method would be using your intake with market research.

You can always find new insights in your audience by adding a questionnaire during your initial consultation or intake. You will learn how your audience thinks, feels, and acts. You will also discover what marketing channels brought the person to you.

These management systems will reinforce all the work that you have done in the previous steps.

Develop Your Mass Tort Marketing Plan..

By creating a strategic plan, you will be able to stand out from the crowd. To be successful, a great mass tort campaign must include all the elements described in this guide.

You will get the best results by working with a marketing expert for law firms.

Casewise Partners only works with lawyers. We know your business and how to maximize your digital marketing. Our mass-tort marketing services are designed to help you increase your caseload and reduce the stress of getting your brand before ideal clients.

Contact us now and learn how we can assist you in taking your marketing to the next step.

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